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Legal notes

Legal notes
The site, hereafter referred to as "", has been realized in compliance with article 13 of D.lgs n. 196/2003.

Site Contents:

All the data and contents displayed on come from public registers and listings, publicly available acts and documents, or they've been added by subscribed users in compliance with article 10 of Law D.lgs n. 196/2003. The site does not process sensitive data (religious or health information...).

Site Goals: is a portal functioning as an archive of contact information for all companies in England. The site goal is promoting England companies through Internet and search engines and promoting the direct contact between business owners and customers. is not responsible for the contacts received from the site and their successful conclusion. The site does not accept nor request any payment per contact. is update by the site staff for what concerns the static pages. For what concerns the affiliated companies, the site is updated directly by the companies not otherwise requested to the site staff.
The content updating of the site is not and cannot be predetermined: is not a news site: consequently, it cannot be subject to the compliance with article 1, paragraph III of Law n. 62, 7.03.2001 (Legge sull'editoria, Italian law on publishing industry). We decline any responsibility in cases where commercial businesses and tourist facilities promoted on won't comply with current laws or won't correspond to the description related on the site. is not connected to the linked sites and cannot be held responsible for their contents.


The name, the logo, the texts and the graphic items on the site are owned by AB Digital. Reproductions of the site contents for commercial uses are not allowed. A partial reproduction of the site contents may be allowed by the owner after an explicit request and after providing a direct link to The commercial use of the abovementioned site by third parties is precluded without the prior written consent of the site owner's company.
Data and information of public domain have been used and edited to create part of the site contents. If any of the information used happens to be copyrighted, the rightful owner can request its immediate removal from the site via email, telephone or fax. Whoever might feel harmed by the contents of this site can contact us to solve the problem.

Legal Disclaimer invites the consumer prior to purchase, to contact companies that can take the information and advice for the purchase, often times becoming the guarantor of the consumer in the purchase of products and services. is not responsible for the contents of any linked site, or for the damages caused by information published on or on the linked sites. Any site manager or owner who doesnt' wish to be linked can contact us by email and we'll immediately remove the link. We don't take any responsibility for mistakes or omissions contained in this site, and we reserve the right to modify its contents. declines any responsibility for the contents of the sites included, and is not responsible, in any case, for the correctness and legitimacy of the site contents in compliance with the related laws (copyright laws, moral standard, privacy laws). We strongly suggest to contact directly the company facilities in order to get further information and confirmation about the contents published on the site. However, in case of wrongful behaviour from the company facilities promoted on, you're welcome to report any abuse sending an email to The user visiting has the right to stay anonymous, not providing any personal data for identification. When the site services require personal data to be provided (email, name, address...),'s manager guarantees the data will never be passed on to any third parties, in compliance with Italian law D.Lgs. 196/03. All user-related data are employed for statistical purposes aiming to improve the quality of the site services.